I was reading through the Daily Sun newspaper of today Friday, June 4, 2010 when I saw an article of page 10 titled “The Talibans of Kwara”. I was highly curious to know what the piece was all about so I started reading the piece as if my entire living depended on my reading it. Actually I was expecting the writer, Duro Onabule, to be reporting a catastrophic incident similar to the hyped reports that we get from the western media about Afghanistan and Pakistan but there were no such reports. It turned out that the infamous writer was just interested in writing a piece of balloony.

Well before I analyse the ballyhoo-mourous piece of shit write up, let me gist the reader the prelude to the article. Rumour has it that the king-makers and political godfathers in Kwara State have placed their stamp of approval upon the sister of the incumbent governor of Kwara as the person to succeed him after the next general election. Of rescent however, the said sister in question has been flexing and waxing her political muscles in preparation for the upcoming campaign season. This made the people of the state (who are predominantly Muslims) to start having political fever for so many reasons. One, they started nursing fears that the office of the governor to their dear state is becoming a hereditary one given the fact that only the Sarakis are favored by the powers that be for occupying the seat as number one citizen of the state. Secondly, in a state with a Majority Muslim population like Kwara the Islamic Scholars in Kwara issued a fatwa in line with the teachings of Islam (the religion of the majority in the State) that a woman is not to be made the overall leader in any Muslim society so long as there are eligible men in that society who can occupy the position. Since politics is a game of numbers and what the scholars did is deemed to be capable of jeopadising the interest of their cannonised candidate, the powers have now resorted to making use of their agents in their well oiled media machine to discredit the reputation of the Islamic Scholars as well as cause discention among the Muslim Ummah of Kwara state through the use of balloony and ballyhoo. Well, let us now analyse one of such worthless piece of propaganda as released in daily sun of today.

Tha author of the article started by saying that, “The very idea of scholarship should easily be identified with enlightenment, modernism and broad-mindedness as distinct from gender chauvinism extracting from religious fundamentalism.” This first salvo fired by the author is enough to qualify him for who he is … a brainwashed, ignorant chelatant at the beck and call of the international agentum! Well, I want the author to educate us on the universally accepted meanings of ‘scolarship’, ‘enlightenment’, ‘modernism’ and ‘broad-mindedness’. This is because all educated people know that these are value-based terms and my conception of them as an adherent Muslim can never be the same with his conception; him being a hypocritical ignoramus of religion. These words are just further testimony to the basis and intent of the article, which is to potray any Muslim who refuse to accept a nominal status as a fundamentalist or taliban or terrorist. Well, actually even these terms are value based and some of us would rather be called fundamentalists for God’s sake than be called fundamentalists for free-speech or for femininism to site just 2 examples.

Tha article also stated that, “… these supposed scholars have exposed themselves not only as illiterates of cave ages but also anarchists intimidating Nigerian voters …” just imagine the thougtlessnes and the hatred encapsulated in these 19 words! The ignorant author is so blinded by his hatred/hypocrisy that he forgot that literacy means to read and to write, which the scholars are sound and proficient at. Maybe he is so ignorant as to think that literacy ends with writing and reading the Roman letters and precludes all other forms of writing since the scholars are literate in the Arabic letters. His drawing a similitute between them and the cave men is also born out of hatred for what they stand for, that is Islam, because what they said was 101 % based on the teachings of Islam. If they are cave men then he should learn to live with them in their cave age mentality which will show us how refine he is in contrast to them. The author also called them as anarchists which proves to me that he did not consult his dictionary at all before inserting the word for he’ll have known that their claim is far away from that. As to the issue of intimidating voters I leave that to your imagination as to whether it’s the powers that felt intimidated of did the scholars threthem to kill or harm any who vote for a woman in the state. Their only crime is that they voiced out the truth in a land where that can cost you all you have in this world. Their crime was just that they believed in the constitutional provision that guarantees them freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association and worship not knowing that those freedoms are meant only for the so-called modern apes and not for their likes, cave men! Their crime was that they prayed too much against the candidacy of a woman whose godfathers know the potency of such prayers very well for that’s their mainstay.

The ignorant author finally concludes his article by saying that, “… twice, a female, late Benazir Bhutto ruled the Pakistan as an elected Prime Minister. Are these Kwaran scholars any more religious than the Pakistanis?” This is yet another mileston revealing the utter ignorance and hatred of the author. I ask the author to tell us what was the resulting consequence of Bhutto’s rule in Pakistan? Even the rusty-iron lady of Britain, the most classical example of female leadership, was said to have adversly affected her nation. I urge you to read her involvements of Britain in the Farkland Islands as well as others. Moreover, even if the Pakistanis had a female leader does it make the act Islamic? Is Pakistan the author of the Qur’an and Sunnah? Can he tell us another Islamic country that had a similar experience as Pakistan?

I hope the author can be bold enough to leave his comments on this blogsite.

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Today, Saturday the 29th of May 2010 is yet another so-called democracy day in Naija. This year mark the 11th birthday of our present democratic dispensation. The country is however yet to feel the positive impact of these 11 long years of democratic governance. We are still wallowing in hunger, poverty, diseases and poor infrastructural facilities.

What, is it the dark and mosquito filled nights that we will be celebrating this year, or is it the bad and dilapidated roads that has become the source of sorrow and grief to almost every home? Are we to throw parties for not being able to tackle the issue of security for both human life, for our properties, for our food and economy, for our health and the environment as well as for the future of our kids. Shall we start climbing trees that the Jerry Ghanas, the Bamanga Tukurs, the Lamidos are still much around and are continuing with what they know best to do, that which has made us into what we are today.

I really want to know what should I be proud of as a Nigerian whenever I travel abroad? Is it the collosal scale of corruption in my country or the suspicious eyes of my hosts? Is it the country’s fame as a manufacturing plant of con-men go haywire or is it the disgraceful conduct of my fellow kinsmen who must export drugs to Europe and the Americas at all costs?

I think we should make it a rule that every real Democracy Day should be observed as a day of reflection over what positive achievement has the government of the day been able to attain and what is the best way formard. I think this will be more fruitful for us than wining and dining as well as lavishing ourselves with hypocritical accolades which has no meaning beyond the immaginary one we attached to them in our rotten minds.

Hello my fellow Nigerians, I say let’s stand up and fight for our rights, let us find ways like this to say the truth and publish it to the world at lage.



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